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To read one person's account of their experience in the Kids Helping Kids program and how their parents were deceived, go to our Questions To Ask page.

In the past, all drug rehabilitation programs mentioned on this site have accepted some teenagers that did not have any addiction or substance abuse problems. Be aware that desperate parents have been easy targets for these deceptive programs for decades. 

One reason we do not believe that Pathway Family Center is appropriate for youth who are abusing drugs, is that they offer no detox services or medical withdrawal services that should be offered to any youth who has a problem with addiction.

Always ask questions of any program and never allow any program staff to isolate you from your child or limit communcation between you and your child, at any point in their stay, especially in the beginning. Always take complaints seriously and do not accept the explanation that your child is manipulating you. This has been an isolation tactic used by these programs for over 30 years.

Read our Thought Reform page. These programs severely hurt families by using dangerous thought reform techniques. Don't accept vague explanations that don't address your concerns and trust your intuition.

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