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Kids Helping Kids - 1986 Radio Advertisement and Newsletters


AUDIO DESCRIPTION - 4 part / 32 minute recording - WCKY Cincinnati. And lower on the page are links to old KHK Newsletters.

This recording was taped in 1986. It is a "Kids Helping Kids" (KHK) radio plug advertising their program. At the time of this radio show, I was being tortured in the back of the KHK building. Ben Clark and Chris Reed were two of the peer staff that were there when I was entered into KHK and they are both heard in this radio plug.

Part 1:

This audio recording isn't in the best condition but you can clearly hear the "program jargon" being spouted as well as the brainwashed parents who systematically called the radio show to convince listeners that this program saves lives. Unfortunately, this method of advertisement works well today for Pathway Family Center, as well as other STRAIGHT INC. spinoff programs, convincing desperate parents to place their children in a drug program that claims to be the answer to all of life's woes. In the next audio clip (Part 2) STRAIGHT is mentioned at approximately 2:45 - 3:20.

Part 2:

If you listen closely, you can hear the hint of skepticism in the host's voice as he asks how to avoid this program for his own child. This question is never answered and the program dogma is the only explanation given. Little did he know that in a "rap-room" inside KHK, that teenagers were being tortured and abused. The question wasn't answered because the program ideology is that almost all kids should be entered into it's locked-down doors.

Part 3:


How would you know by listening to the wonderful anecdotes offered by the parents and staff (former "clients") who claim this program saved their lives in this radio broadcast? You wouldn't know unless you were to physically walk into the group in KHK and speak to the newcomers privately. But KHK would never allow such a thing, citing confidentiality laws as an explanation as well as separation being key in the treatment of a drug addicted teenager. I was there and these explanations are a smoke-screen to cover up the abuses and experimental thought reform techniques that go on inside.

Part 4:

Pathway Family Center maintains the same strict rules of confidentiality that KHK and STRAIGHT INC. did. This is one of the many  reasons I don't trust Pathway's vague explanations. Would you trust a program that convinces parents that ANY communication with their child would be harmful to them? Don't trust them, this is a lie and this is how they start the brainwashing process.



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