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 Important Questions to Ask and some history about KHK:



1. What are the treatment methods used in Pathway Family Center? Please be elaborate and don't leave anything out. Explain the group environment precisely.

2. Are Pathway's treatment methods scientifically proven to be helpful? If so, would Pathway produce this data?

3. Why is communication disallowed between parents and their kids in the early stages of the program? Is this necessary?

4. If a kid is being abused in Pathway, does that kid have direct access to contact the police, their parents or child protective services? If not, why?

5. Are kids that enter Pathway Family Center considered to be liars or manipulators? Can this have negative consequences?

6. Is it safe to have teens in charge of other teens in the program?

7. Why is it that no one is allowed to witness what occurs in group except the kids and staff? How do I know the kids are safe?

8. Why is the environment of severe restriction on the first level so similar to that reported in Cults?

9. Is it necessary to isolate kids from the outside world in the beginning of the program? Isn't this a known brainwashing technique?

10. Shouldn't a parent have knowledge of exactly where their kid is at all times if they are in the care of the Pathway program? Who holds liability for the host homes?

11. Why would Pathway Family Center advertise such a high success rate using a study that is tremendously lacking in data?

12. Why are so many people concerned about what is occuring within Pathway Family Center? Why have there been protests against Pathway recently?

13. Why are kids encouraged to confess their past behaviors in Open Meeting while parents are disallowed from witnessing the group?

14. If Pathway Family Center is a different program now, are they able to explain those differences in detail? Why and when did these changes take place?

15. Could having an "in house" assessment of kids be a conflict of interest for Pathway?

16. Detox and withdrawal are two important characteristics associated with drug addiction problems. What types of detox and withdrawal services does Pathway provide and do they have qualified staff for these medical situations?

17. Why is it that the kids in Pathway aren't allowed to go to church with their family until a certain level is achieved? Is there anything that could possibly harm a kid at their church?

18. Shouldn't the parents of a kid in treatment know exactly what treatment methods their kids are being subjected to?

19. Why is there such an environment of secrecy surrounding the Pathway program?

20. Shouldn't an addiction treatment program with such a high success rate be entirely transparent with their treatment model so that others might benefit from it?

21. With such a high success rate reported by Pathway, one would imagine there would be a multitude of program graduates returning to support this program. Why is it that so few graduates return and support Pathway?




The Kids Helping Kids program and the Pathway Family Center program are Straight Inc. derivative programs.





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