Pathway Family Center Truth










   I, Kim S., declare and state as follows:


            1.  Pathway Family Center

2.  Porter and Indianapolis, Indiana

3.  December 12th – 15th 2008

            4.  My youngest child was a bright honor roll student. He was working, had a lovely girlfriend, he bought his first truck with the money he saved from his part time job. And I was just a proud mom.
The summer he turned seventeen everything changed. His grades dropped, his girlfriend broke up with him, he started to skip school, staying out after curfew and then one day a bomb shell. He admitted he was using drugs. I freaked. So I tried to ground him, but he was not going to have anything to do with that. Everything went downhill from there.
I sent him to detox twice but they would only keep him for 4-7 days and the minute he got home he was back out doing drugs. There are so many days that have stories all their own, but I don't have the time or the space here to type it all. The end result was my child was on drugs and I had to find some help!
I searched endlessly for a place close to home so I could visit him as much as I could.
I called the Mental Health Ass. for referrals only to be given numbers for places that don't treat kids. Come to find out, there aren't many, if any, legitimate drug rehabs for people under the age of 18. You can get them detoxed, but no long term treatment centers to be found.
I already knew the wilderness programs had a horrible reputation and I had heard about a few deaths so they were out of the question and the only other place I could find was Pathway Family Center. I have to admit I was skeptical but I was desperate. I was terrified for my son's life.

I called PFC and made an appointment for an assessment. Before the appointment could happen though my son ended up in detox again and so I had to go to the appointment without him.
They painted a beautiful picture. But the reality of that place's a place of many horrors.
They picked him up from the hospital and whisked him away. That is the one and only thing in my life that has ever brought me to my knees. They suggested we not have any contact with him for a while so I knew it would be some time before I could talk to him and I was already missing him terribly, but I felt in my heart it was for the best. He would be safe and away from the drugs.

Let me tell you what they told me during the assessment and telephone conversations.

 * They told me all the wonderful things about Pathway.
 * They said their success rate is around 90%.
 * They went into detail about how the Old comers help the newcomers's called peer support and it's very successful.
 * They told me the family is a huge part of the program and encouraged to participate in the program. It helps the kids to know they have a support system behind them.
 * They told me the host homes are safe and secure and he will be sent to an "old comers" home while he was in first phase because the family has been in the program for a while and know how to treat the new comers. So in other words, he was in safe hands with experienced people.
 * They went on and on and told me all the things I "wanted" to hear.

Here are the things that Pathway failed to mention to me...

      1. My son would be stripped immediately of all his basic human rights.
      2. He was NOT allowed to use the bathroom in private.
      3. He was NOT allowed to call me, ever. If he was being mistreated, or sick, or hurt by someone, he was still never allowed to call me or anyone from the outside world.
     4. He was locked in a bedroom at the host home with locks and alarms on both windows and doors. He was never to leave the room alone and would have to ask the old comer to do anything.
      5. He was not allowed to watch TV, listen to radio or read a book or magazine.
      6. The only thing allowed in the "safe room" was a mattress, blanket and pillow for each child.
      7. The only thing he could do in that room was write in a journal that was read by anyone who wanted to read it.
      8. When he was in the PFC building during the day he was sitting in a group room where they sit for hours and hours being talked to and motivated by a "peer" staff member. Not a therapist or a licensed counselor. A child was standing in front coaching the others to yell and scream at my son. Eventually they would want him to admit to things he didn't ever do or else he would stay on phase one until he did.
      9. They were made to sing songs that you teach a toddler to sing.
     10. The longer they didn't go along with the program the longer they stayed in phase one which is where you have no rights at all.
     11. He was also told if we (his parents) didn't cooperate with all the demands of the program he would be in phase one until they did.
     12. He was also told that when he was finally able to go home after phase one, he was not allowed to ever speak the words "he, she, them, they" in other words he was to never speak of what happened on the "inside."
     13. The kids will be on phase one until they are trusted that they won't try to speak to the parents alone or tell what goes on there. Some kids are on phase one for months and some for years.
     14. They sent him to a home in Ohio which I never gave them permission to take him out of state.
     15. The parents are not allowed to leave the house, watch TV, listen to the radio or any of the basic things humans do while the children were out of the bedroom.
If they did, the old comers would go back to the staff and report it and your child would suffer for it.
     16. They didn't tell me that they would keep my son inside as long as they could to keep the money coming in, or to secure a host home by keeping him from advancing through the phases by punishing him for the smallest of things and send him back to phase one.

But, they told him that.

In four days time, they had terrified my child into submission by threats of being held prisoner, never to live a normal life, or have his family in his life until he did everything they told him to do.

They lied to me several times when I voiced a few concerns at the assessment appointment.

            1. I told them I am a single mom and live in a small home. They said I would only have to take 2 kids when I was a host home and told later after my son was gone that there was never less than 3 in a home and most likely it would be 4.
            2. I told her I was concerned about being able to afford the trips to Indy every weekend and she said they have a half-way meeting point for Northwest Indiana families. Later I was told it was mandatory that I go to Indianapolis every Friday night for the family meeting and to pick up the kids and then take them back down on Sunday to the half way point. 
            3. My son was told I knew everything that was happening to him when in fact I had no idea he was being treated like that. I had no idea he was being caged like an animal. I had no idea he was to endure everything they did to him and could never ever ask anyone for help.

           4. I had no idea that by the time my boy came home he was going to be broken, brainwashed and trained to act a certain way so that I would be convinced that he was getting better.

           5. I had no idea that he was going to be convinced that even if he did tell me that I wouldn't believe him and then he would be sent back to day one. They were using scare tactics, mind control techniques and brainwashing on him.

          6. They were going to deprive him of sleep and food to make him comply.

          7. I had no idea that Pathway Family Center has the same exact program that the Straight and The Seed programs used back in the 70s, 80's and 90's. Those programs were so horrible that kids were graduating after some of them being there for years and killing themselves because they did not know how to cope on the outside world or they were haunted and traumatized by the abuse they suffered in those places.

They didn't tell me any of these things. They took my son and almost turned him against me and everyone who loves him.

But I found a video Sunday night. An I-team investigation news special. It went inside "Kids helping Kids" a Pathway Family Center facility. It showed the children clearly being brainwashed. I was so disturbed by that video that I was on my way Monday morning to get my child out of that place. He was there for 4 days. He told me all these things and he also said he felt he had already started to be brainwashed. He didn't know how to act here anymore.
I sent my son to what I thought was a drug rehab facility. If they would have told me how they run that place, I never would have sent him there. I have found a good drug therapist and he is now in counseling. He has been affected by this, somewhat traumatized I guess after only 4 days.
I thank the good lord for all these people who put this information out here. Parents, please research and ask questions. And please don't EVER send your child away to a place that forbids you to communicate with your child. We as parents are bright enough to know when our children are manipulating us. We should, as their parents, have the right to make sure our children are being taken care of and their needs are being met.

We get desperate and when we feel scared and alone and terrified that our children are going to really hurt themselves we are tempted to believe in anyone who is willing to help us.
Please be careful and trust your gut. We've all seen the hidden cameras secretly recording babysitters abusing children. And we've seen the caretakers abusing the elderly. It's hard to believe this is happening in a facility that is taking care of our children. But, it's happening.


Pathway Family Center Truth has my permission to use this statement. I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.


                                                                                      Executed on  January 2nd 2009.


                                                                                       Kim S.







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