Pathway Family Center Truth

 Pathway Family Center, Indianapolis
 A Brother's view:
My mom put my little brother in Pathway Family Center in December of 2008.
I was by my mother's side through out the whole ordeal.
My brother was 17 and out of control. He was on some very hard drugs and taking several
drugs at a time and drinking on top of it. He was hanging around an older crowd of guys who had been doing drugs for a long time. He would cuss and scream at my mom and walk out the door and would come walking in any time he felt like it.
My mom was scared out of her mind. I went with her to the intake appointment at PFC and heard everything that was said. They lied to us about several things in the beginning and then told my mom the truth after my brother was in the there.

I watched the video on Kids helping Kids and that was the reason why we pulled my little
brother out. It looked crazy and we didn't want my little brother to be brainwashed.
My mom has been dedicated to helping my brother and he is now clean and back in school
and doing good. He's glad we helped him and he's very glad we got him out of PFC.
Pathway family center wants to take kids away from their loved ones and refuses to let them talk to their parents the whole time they are on first phase and that can last as long as a year!

He was also put into homes of people we didn't know and had no idea of their background.
We were never even told that he would be going to homes out of State.
My brother came home to tell us that the kids are all brainwashed and so are the parents.
He sat in a strangers bedroom all weekend that had alarms on the windows and doors, could only write in his moral inventory journal, had to be supervised in the bathroom, was told by the other kids exactly what was going to happen to him and he was scared out of his mind.
Being there for my brother was the most important thing to my mom and to me.
If we would have known that we couldn't talk to him at all we would never have put him in
there in the first place. My brother suffers from migraine headaches that makes him really sick at times. It worries me what would have happened to him when he was going through one of them in there. Would they have believed him. Would they make him sit in the group meetings anyway and tell him he was faking it.
They tell parents that the program involves the whole family, but what they mean by that is
the family will be the ones to feed and house up to 4 children a night and on weekends, transport them at the families expense the whole time not getting to have a private conversation with him for months and months. My brother was told what happens inside pathway, stays in pathway!

That is the single most disturbing thing I've ever heard!
Please be aware that your whole life will be taken over by Pathway. When you have the kids in your home you won't be able to watch TV, listen to a radio or do many of the things
families are used to doing. You will make teenagers sit in a bare room for hours and hours
on mattresses and all they can do is read Pathway approved material or write in the journals.
I don't think this is any way to treat a human being.

Ask questions please, before you send your child off to complete strangers who really don't
care about your child. They won't let you talk in private with your child? Shouldn't we all find
something wrong with that??

And please read what happened to a lot of kids (who are now adults) inside these programs.
They are real people who went through it and do you honestly think that if the programs were good programs and helped them they would be speaking out against them?
There is a lot of info on the internet about the programs that were shut down back in the 80's and 90's by the United States Government for child abuse. Pathway Family Center is run almost exactly like them. Watch the I-team investigation video that went inside Kids helping Kids/Pathway Family Center. It will show you some very disturbing things that go on inside the programs and ask yourself if this is something you want your kid to go through. Do you want to take the chance that your child will come out of there completely broke and traumatized.

It's real and it's happening. I'm so glad we didn't put my little brother through that alone.
I love him and he doesn't deserve to be treated like that. He needed some help that's for
sure. But he didn't deserve to have his dignity and his basic human rights taken from him.
I give permission to PFCtruth to post this on their site.