Pathway Family Center Truth



It has been widely reported that the most critical point to convey when examining psychological techniques implemented within programs such as Pathway Family Center is the act of intentional brainwashing. There is a consensus among those who have been subjected to abuse in Residential Treatment Centers and other Behavior Modification Programs, that brainwashing techniques were the most damaging practice they experienced and that most of the abuses endured were a means to the objective of brainwashing. Brainwashing is a subject of psychology of which very little is known. This is due, in part, to the fact that experimentation within the realm of brainwashing is known to be psychologically damaging and would therefore be an illegal human experiment. This is likely why the vast majority of people do not understand the techniques of brainwashing and how it is so effectively hidden in cults as well as in deceptively marketed therapeutic teen programs. Understanding the aspects of brainwashing serves as an explanation to why there are positive testimonials about behavior modification programs. This understanding will explain why those on lower levels in these programs are so heavily restricted and devoid of personal rights. This also serves as an explanation as to why these programs are so adamant at keeping their "inner core" techniques carefully hidden from the public and even from the parents they defraud to some degree.  

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